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Lots of books exist on PHONOLOGY, some easier to read than others. One of my favourites for practicalities is :

SOUND FOUNDATIONS : Learning and teaching pronunciation

Macmillan Books for Teachers, 2005 by Adrian UNDERHILL

You might enjoy reading this article

PRONUNCIATION GAMES – Mark Hancock  (CUP 1995)

PRIMARY PRONUNCIATION BOX  – Nixon and Tomlinson (CUP 2005)

PRONUNCIATION TIMESAVERS – Mary Glasgow Publications (available at the BU, ESPE, Mont Saint Aignan).

Lots of interesting (and not so interesting) articles are available on the Web. Here are some I particularly enjoyed when preparing for this course on Funology. (really good visual with sound files attached. However some technical debate over accuracy)
The forum posting by Eduardo Valdes Garcia Torres, LTCL DipTESOL on this website gives really clear and detailed explanations of some technical terms and also gives reasons why English is so difficult to master in phonological terms
For a programme teaching native English youngsters to read (and a consideration of the link between grapheme and phoneme)
Very useful resources are to be found in the following books :
Primary Pronunciation Box – CUP – Nixon and Tomlinson
Primary Commnication Box – idem
Primary Music Box – idem
Pronunciation in Use – CUP – Martin Hewing
Pronunciation Practice Activities – CUP – Martin Hewing
Pronunciation Games – Mark Hancock (photocopiable series)
Ship or Sheep –  Ann Baker
Tree or Three – Ann Baker
Timesaver Pronunciation Activities (Mary Glasgow publications)
Phonics Ladybird series
The Letterland ABC series
Zug the Bug
Jazz Chants by Carolyn Graham