As you may have gathered, FUNOLOGY Fun is something that I have developed over the years I have been teaching. You will not find any books that explain the methodology to you as I this book has not been written yet. It is is my head, waiting to get out … one day I will unleash it. The following references will help you to develop Funology Fun in your own way and to adapt the principles to your own teaching style.


SOUND FOUNDATIONS : Learning and teaching pronunciation

Macmillan Books for Teachers, 2005 by Adrian UNDERHILL




PRONUNCIATION GAMES – Mark Hancock  (CUP 1995)

PRIMARY PRONUNCIATION BOX  – Nixon and Tomlinson (CUP 2005)

PRONUNCIATION TIMESAVERS – Mary Glasgow Publications (available at the BU, INSPE, Mont Saint Aignan).


Very useful resources are to be found in the following books :

Primary Commnication Box

Primary Music Box
Pronunciation in Use – CUP – Martin Hewing
Pronunciation Practice Activities – CUP – Martin Hewing
Ship or Sheep –  Ann Baker

Tree or Three – Ann Baker
We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen
Phonics Ladybird series
The Letterland ABC series
Zug the Bug
Jazz Chants by Carolyn Graham