As you may have gathered, FUNOLOGY Fun is something that I have developed over the years I have been teaching. You will not find any books that explain the methodology to you as I this book has not been written yet. It is is my head, waiting to get out … one day I will unleash it. The following references will help you to develop Funology Fun in your own way and to adapt the principles to your own teaching style.

SOUND FOUNDATIONS : Learning and teaching pronunciation

Macmillan Books for Teachers, 2005 by Adrian UNDERHILL


PRONUNCIATION GAMES – Mark Hancock  (CUP 1995)

PRIMARY PRONUNCIATION BOX  – Nixon and Tomlinson (CUP 2005)

PRONUNCIATION TIMESAVERS – Mary Glasgow Publications (available at the BU, INSPE, Mont Saint Aignan).

Very useful resources are to be found in the following books :

Primary Commnication Box

Primary Music Box
Pronunciation in Use – CUP – Martin Hewing
Pronunciation Practice Activities – CUP – Martin Hewing
Ship or Sheep –  Ann Baker

Tree or Three – Ann Baker
We’re going on a bear hunt by Michael Rosen
Phonics Ladybird series
The Letterland ABC series
Zug the Bug
Jazz Chants by Carolyn Graham

Some story books which will help you to work on Funology ( rhyme and rhythm)

There’s a bear on my chair

There’s a mouse in my house

Oi frog! / Oi dog!

What colour are your knickers?

Julia Donaldson

What the ladybird heard / Room on the Broom / The snail and the whale